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How To Tie Hair Bows As Headbands

Author:diyribbons  From:  Date:8/15/2014

How To Tie Hair Bows As Headbands

Making headbands from hair bows isn¡¯t hard. You just have to know what look you are going for, and make sure that the look is appropriate. For example, you wouldn¡¯t want to wear lots of bows in bright colors to work, when it is something that is befitting to a little girl. Keeping in mind the style you are going for will make this easy. The great thing is that headbands are a great look for any hair length. Whether you have a short, cropped do, a chin-length bob, or long hair, it¡¯s a clean stylish look.

Using a few, very thin ribbons in various in colors will make for a unique look. Take 4-5¡¡À satin ribbon pieces and fold them all in half. Place the middle of the ribbons at the nape of your neck. This is where your neck meets your head. Where the indentation is, is the nape. Pull the ribbon pieces up and behind your ears to the front of your hairline and pull it tight. Form a knot by folding one set of ribbons over the other, pulling it through and repeat. After making the knot, tie and arrange it how you would like the bow on your head. If you have short hair, placing the bow slightly off-center looks great. Of course, you don¡¯t want the ends of the bows to be too long. You want the bow to be an accessory to your hair. You don¡¯t want people to notice it before they notice your hair. So make sure you keep the bows small and the ends short. 
An alternate to having the bow on top of your head is to just tie the knot and forgo the bow. Once the knot is secure, arrange the ribbons so the knot is at your nape. It¡¯s a secure way to keep your hair off your face, but still look hip and trendy.

A medium-width ribbon is best with chin-length or longer hair. Tie it like you would the many smaller ribbons, with the bow at the top, or underneath your hair. Using a thicker ribbon, 1¡¡À to 2¡¡À- thick, is best for long hair. You can pull it tight at your forehead and secure the knot at the nape of your neck. You can use this to keep your hair out of your face by then pulling your hair into a ponytail, or just letting your hair hang free.

Now on children, anything with ribbons and bows goes. The more ribbons and colors you have, the more kids seem to love it. Babies and children can get away with much more whimsical looks, such as several bows on the hair band, brighter colors, etc.

Using hair bows as headbands is a great look. Depending on the colors and techniques used, they can also provide a clean professional look while at work but also appropriate for after-work gatherings. If you are looking for something that is during your off time, use big bright colors, and be inventive!

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